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Treefrog Air Fresheners

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Distributor of high-end car air fresheners

About Higante Works

Higante Works Phils Company is a subsidiary of Higante Works, Ltd. Co., a wholesale distributing company based in Plano, Texas in the United States.

Established in 2005, Higante Works, Ltd. Co. has become the leading distributor of the My Shaldan and Treefrog air fresheners in the United States with both wholesale and retail customers also outside the United States including South America, Asia, and in some parts of Europe.

In the Philippines, Higante Works Phils Company is the exclusive distributor of Treefrog Air Fresheners - a line of high-quality car air fresheners and a favorite of JDM car enthusiasts.

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Introducing Treefrog Air Fresheners

Our Products

As our inital product offering, we at Higante Works Phils Company would like to introduce to the Philippines some of our best-selling products from the United States - Treefrog Young Leaf Air Fresheners and Treefrog Organic Fibre Air Fresheners.

These products are high-end aftermarket products that we find to be a good match for our customers and resellers who serve in a variety of industries in automotive and retail businesses.


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